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Products and services prohibited for publishing

There are services and items which publishing is prohibited. They can be either illegal or different from our selling criteria. Here is a list of such items:

Arms and ammunition

arms and ammo for them;

military technology;

auto parts;

package wares and appliances for them;

firearm and cold weapons, including hunting goods (along with hunting knives and animal traps);

pneumatic, strike-ball, paintball, etc., as well as package wares for it;

copies of collection weapons, and knives (except for kitchen knives, jackknives, and clerical knives);

Ads that contain:

calls for violent and illegal measures;


discrimination according to national, racial, religious, gender, and other traits;

non-normative language; insulting statements, including racist or religious ones

trickery and extortion;

Alcohol and drugs



psychotropic substances, their precursor substances changing consciousness and psyche;




tobacco products;

smoking accessories (excluding lighters and ashtrays);

cigarette rolling papers;



electronic cigarettes (including spare parts and accessories for them);


explosive substances;

remains from explosive substances;

explosion means;



all types of rocket fuel;

red diesel;

special materials and equipment for their production;

special equipment for militarized organizations that contain any components, normative and technical products for their production and exploitation;

Human and animal parts

human organs and tissue or donor services;

exotic animals and endangered species;

surrogate mothers’ services (search and offer);

Intellectual and stolen property

scientific research results and design works as well as fundamental search studies for the arms and military technology creation;

code technology, normative and technical documentation for its production and use;

computer software;

counterfeit products;

illegal/pirated copies of CDs or DVDs

Medicinal products

all forms of medication;

biologically active additives, including several kinds of sports nutrition;

isotonic drinks;

weight loss products (green coffee, Reishi mushrooms, phyto-teas, dietary supplements, etc.) vitamins;

medical products;

medical equipment;

contact lenses and liquids for their storage;

botox preparations;

therapeutic underwear, medical nutrition, etc.;

medicinal herbs;


fake monetary signs;

currency exchange services including online markets such as Forex;


moneylender services;


poisoning substances, normative and technical documents used to protect them for their production and use;

Pornographic materials

Including services and/or work of intimate/erotic/sexual nature;

Private data

materials violating the secret of a private life relating to the honor, value, and business reputation of citizens and legal entities;

materials containing government, bank, or commercial secret;

spammer bases;

databases containing confidential information (for example, property, e-mail bases – addresses, telephones, registration addresses, etc.);

Precious metals

remains, containing precious and rare-stone metals;

walrus tusks;

elephant and mammoth tusks;

precious stones aside from wares;

X-ray equipment

radioactive substances;

radioactive materials waste;

appliances and equipment using radioactive substances and isotopes;


other dividing materials and related wares;


natural products that claim to cure diseases;

pyramid schemes, multi-level marketing;

equipment for games of chance, lottery/slot machines;

digital goods, eBooks, vouchers;

tarot service, horoscopes, vodoo, etc.


The administration of the website reserves the right to complement and change the list of products/services prohibited to publish.